Aqua Ark LLC is a comprehensive development company focusing on floating structures.  We have established a new company type for the United States.  In the US, floating construction is limited to individual residences that are moored in a marina environment.  Until Aqua Ark, there has not been a US company that is committed to large water borne development.


We have a pragmatic vision and basic tenets


  • We live on a water planet and it is easier to build on and coexist with the water and its changes, than to fight against it
  • One can build with greater flexibility and equal or less cost on the water than on land
  • Floating living takes pressure increasingly scare land resources
  • Aqua Ark has proven technology that not only creates viable and environmentally friendly structures, but also provides the platforms that improve their water and land environments

About US

Aqua Ark has over 100 years of project management, architectural, and engineering skills.  Our experience base is with all aspects of land based construction.  We have project managed residential development and commercial implementations for office and data center facilities of over 2.5 million square feet.   Aqua Ark is supported by 10 individuals and partner companies with equivalent expertise – including marina construction.


We work with municipalities to:

Create housing that is both affordable to own and profitable to build.

Develop waterfront that:

  • Provides attractive housing, recreation, and commercial spaces and allowing the creation of on-shore parkland.
  • Adaptive to the changes in water level from floods, storm surges, and climate change. This can significantly reduce taxpayer burdens (measured in billions of dollars) from the vagaries of nature.
  • Enhance a city’s economic vibrancy.

Become better stewards of a vital resource and enhance water quality.


If it can be dreamed of, we can build it on the water

  • Farms for fish and produce

  • Data Centers that are physically closer to the data users of commerce and finance, less expensive to build and operate, and immune to flooding

  • Restaurants, pools, office buildings, shopping areas, etc.

This barely scratches the surface of the possibilities of water borne design and engineering.


Amphibious enhancements

  • For houses in flood plains, we have the technology to create floating foundations

  • These foundations allow the house to ride above flood waters, and then return when the waters recede. Saving homeowners, insurance companies, and the taxpayer