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Aqua Ark has assembled the best in engineering, design, environmental science, and other disciplines to open the vast potential of living on the water

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Affordable HousingCost Conscious Lasting domiciles in incredible Settings


Aqua Ark has the design and engineering expertise to take advantage of the potential of urban and suburban waterways to create new residential possibilities at advantaged costs over land based development.

ResidencesUnique Homes with lasting Value



With a new vista, Aqua Ark residences define an integrated relationship with the water.

COMMUNITIESEnvironmentally conscious and compatible  villages                                                                                                                   


Houses, public, and recreational areas that are easy to create and maintain.  Communities that are in harmony with the environment  and allow shore areas and wetlands to thrive.


COMMERICAL StructuresRestaurants, Shops, Recreation Areas all of this and more


Dining, shopping, recreating -  all of it can be built on the water.


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data centersEfficient and Resilient Supports of data storage and cloud computing


Using the environment to reduce costs while strategically placing state of the art computing centers resistant to the effects of flooding.

We design and build A complete range of structures in harmony with time and Tide

Aqua Ark is a full service developer and consultant .  Our goal is to evolve beyond the expensive and ultimately ineffectual  defenses against  water.  We are working in a new direction, where  water is an ally and not an enemy

Foundation and integration

Every building needs the best foundation and  Site Integration


Stable, and enduring foundation

Aqua Ark offer's the perfect foundation.  Our products are offered in different lengths and widths and are combinable. Integrated ducting allows the fitting of supply and disposal systems for wastewater and drinking water facilities as well as lighting and electric power systems in all weather conditions.   The foundations  are warranted for 50 years and have the robustness to function as roadways.


Integrating wetlands

Aqua Ark complements its  structures and communities with floating wetlands.  These wetlands - constructed of durable, non-toxic post-consumer plastics and vegetated with native plants - BioHaven® islands float on top of the water, providing a beautiful habitat for birds and animals.

Amphibious Homes

AS the water rises... So does your house

Aqua Ark's  expertise aids land borne homes as well .  For houses that are prone to tidal or weather flooding , the foundations can be engineered, in place ,so that rising water lifts the home.    Guides are engineered  in the design so that the house returns to its original setting when the waters recedes.  This floating foundation saves the structure and precious possessions.  More information is here.


Aqua Ark is a comprehensive water borne  development company.

We have assembled the best in engineering, design, environmental science, and other disciplines to open the vast potential of living on the water.


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